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Giovanna Nannoni

Giovanna Nannoni  is an Italian musician and  singer-songwriter with  classical and pop rock background.


She has been widely appreciated by experts in the field as a richly creative composer, endowed with an impressive vocality, very fresh and original, at a very high level. Indeed she has been described as one of the most interesting and original singers and songwriters in the national musical panorama.


In December 2o17 she publishes  the single track “Oggi è un giorno bellissimo” entirely written, composed, arranged, recorded, performed and produced by herself,  in her own musical studio in Versilia.

This song is an hymn to life, an invitation never to surrender, even  in the utmost discomfort, an absolutely positive song, and even amusing, in a crescendo of emotional involvement.


© Giovanna Nannoni


She graduated in the Conservatory of Lucca  in operatic singing and 

also had a solid education  as a musician and pop singer, studying with  some of the best musicians and Bel Canto masters of the international scene.



She  has been a co-worker with Italian and foreign musicians, both as a soloist and with groups founded by herself. She has produced songs both in Italian and in English, some for the stage, cooperating especially with Laura Eastman Malcolm. 


Presently she is involved in producing a forthcoming new album.

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